MATC System

Product: Mobile Air Traffic Control System

The MATC system stands for a MOBILE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL System being deployable where there is the necessity of a tower infrastructure. It consists of two main elements:

  • Cabin
  • Trailer Lifting System

Shelter dimensions meet ISO-STD cross section requirements and the device is air transportable (C-130J compatible), ground transportable (UNI 7011/72), transportable by ship and by train.

Regarding air transportability, the MACS system supports dual-rail cargo system  according to the criteria of the MIL-STD-1791 and those related to dimensional data profiles of NATO standard pallets.

The cabin anchors itself using side rails compatible with C-130J requirements. The whole system includes:

  • Cabin tower with ladder access
  • Elevation system of the tower cabinet
  • ISO carrier frame
  • Technical compartment
  • I/O Power panel
  • I/O Signals panel
  • Rack energy extraction kit
  • Mechanical support for antenna mast
  • Set of mechanical interface for the antenna conditioning system
  • 7 kW a/c unit for the equipment compartment and remote control system
  • 4 kW a/c unit for the technical compartment

As per the structure of the cabin, it is divided into two compartments:

  • TECHNICAL COMPARTMENT: where a staff composed by three technicians will operate
  • EQUIPMENT COMPARTMENT: containing all electronic devices

The materials used are aluminium alloy, which makes up most of the structure (including frames and sheets), insulating sandwich panels and thermally hardened glass surfaces.

The trailer is fully integrated with the cabin and its supporting frame is also the base of the cabin’s lifting mechanism. It’s lifting system brings it to a maximum of 7 m of height and it is stiffed to the trailer leveling system by devoted struts.

The trailer is made by carbon steel Fe360 and all structural elements are connected by welding and have been treated  with zinc plating.

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