Program: Broadcasting Shelter Systems

Customer: DMT - SYES (Partner)
Product: Broadcasting Shelter Systems and UEO 2 FM TX Shelter System

A Broadcasting Station is designed to disseminate information from its location and thus it must provide robust toughness when it comes to reliability since this has a profound impact on the integrity of the actual data being collected and transmitted. On such premises we provide an efficient, enduring and customizable Ground Station System capable of fast deployment for emergency services( click the Picture5image on the side to view

It’s features include:

  • “On Site” Radio, TV and Web broadcast
  • LIVE Production of content
  • A/V contributions management
  • Automated Playout for multi-format content delivery
  • Sharing of contents

Live Broadcasting Shelter System

The product we deliver conforms to specific needs such as an ease of transportation ( air and ground transportation ), robustness as to withstanding severe conditions and  flexibility for energy and frequencies.


DMT is a partner of Teknel which provides the electronic equipment needed for broadcasting signals.

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