Program: Falco PKT

Customer: Selex ES
Product: UAV GCS Power Generator System Shelter Mounted

The UAV Falco system comprises four main systems:

  • Ground Control Station (GCS)
  • Ground Data Terminal (GDT)
  • Auxilliary Ground Support Equipment (AGE)
  • 4 Falco UAVs housing payloads specified by the user

We can meet user specifications thanks to our highly customizable  shelter systems. Shielding (EMI – EMC) and Insulation are top priorities as well as thorough transportability analysis and reliability testing carried out in our test chambers.

The TK 10428 is the Power Generator used for the Falco PKT Program and it is capable of delivering 20 kW of continuous power; apparent continuous power is 27.5 kVA, three phase at 50 Hz.
The Generator is based on a 4 cylinder Diesel engine which rests on rubber buffers to reduce the vibrations on the structure. The overall maximum level of noise is thus 60 dB(A) at 7 m in accordance with noise reduction requirements. The fuel tank is built in and it has a capacity of 80 lt thus granting an autonomy of 16 hours at full load.

These Power Generating units are capable of withstanding operating temperatures between -30° C and +50° C making them ideal for remote areas as well.

The command and control panel is installed inside the carter and can be accessed externally through a door opening in the front. Such panel can perform the following actions:

  • Remote start-up from a remote position and generating set activation control.
  • Check of the quality of the energy generated by the generating set and decision about the suitability of its use.
  • Automatic disconnection of the load and stop of the generating set.
  • Protection of the generating set against electric overloads, atmospheric disturbances and against operating anomalies that could damage it.

  • Measurement of the electrical quantities (generator voltages, generator currents, frequency, active power, starting battery voltage, battery charger current), operating hour counter, engine start-up number counter, measurement of the engine liquid temperatures and lubrication oil pressure.
  • Local and remote signalling of the operating modes and the relative and possible anomalies that caused the

    generating set to stop, with storage of the information until the intervention of the operator.

  • Starting Battery ChargerTE808

The command and control panel is equipped with the TE808 Titanium controller, which permits the complete automatic and manual management of a generating set and an electric network if present. The TE808 Titanium immediately starts the generator. During operation, the Diesel engine and alternator are constantly controlled and any anomaly is immediately indicated on the display and the generator is stopped.

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