Program: ILS TACAN

Customer: Thales
Product: N. 2 - Power Generator Systems Trailer Mounted




This Power Generator is capable of delivering 18 kW of power.

This System blends the functional autonomy of a reliable power generator with the mobility required for its deployment purposes.
It has been designed and manufactured with high quality materials and technologically advanced electronic equipment; it is suitable for deployment on land, with ad compact soil without any predisposition. It is easy to repair and requires minimum maintenance thanks to its high efficiency.

The whole TK10355 system includes

  • MIL-STD Power Generator
  • MIL-STD Trailer with ancillary equipment

Regarding its working life, the TK10355 has been designed to endure 15 years/50.000 working hours.
Total weight is of 2.500 kg of which every bit has been carefully distributed to ensure stability once deployed and during transportation especially by air means of transportation.

Its 4 cylinder diesel engine is of 30 kW of power at 1.500 rpm thus delivering 220 V of nominal line voltage at 50 Hz. The alternator is of an ECO32-3S type characterized by a nominal power of 25 kVA.

The control panel allows total monitoring and control of the engine and the main electrical components of the generator; furthermore it is possible to manage signaling and alarms and of course the opening/closing of the main switch.

The unit is suitable for air, ground, train and naval transportation.

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