Program: IMAGO

Customer: Vitrociset
Product: Missile Optical Targeting System Shelters

Teknel’s TK10570 is a stainless steel ISO-STD 20 ft multipurpose shelter capable of hosting various electrical devices. This shelter’s designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions thanks to its efficient conditioning system and thermal insulation by means of sandwich panels and it is also deployable and transportable (ISO 668) to remote areas of installation thanks to its shock absorbing system.

It’s structural resistance and magnetic (EMI-EMC) shielding allows this structure to behave as an efficient mobile communication center through the use of installed apparatuses such as antennas , radio links and telecommunication electrical devices.
The Shelter can be divided in two main areas:

one for crew members and electronic equipment and another one for the a/c unit, the mast deployable antenna with its compressor and all the accessories bundles with the shelter itself.

The structure has been designed and manufactured with high quality materials which underwent anti-corrosion treatment and are all continuously welded ensuring high structural resistance.

The shelder is equipped with a grounding system, fire fighting system with audio/visual alert and an auto-leveling system allowing it to be installed at a height of 50 cm from ground level.


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