Program: Italian Ministry of Defence

Customer: DMT - SYES (Partner)
Product: Tactical Telescopic Mast Trailer Mounted

This trailer mounted antenna tower has been engineered for fast field deployment communication systems. It can be fitted with radiating elements for Radio/TV Broadcasting and Microwave Radio Link services. Radiation characteristics are defined according to the specific operation requirements.

The telescopic sections are pulled out by a system of steel cables and pulleys, with connection points located on the structure’s sides and at the base of each section. The variable-height system is driven by an oil-hydraulic piston-rod.Tactical Telescopic Mast Trailer Mounted 6
The trailer hosts at its base the hydraulic group, consisting of the main piston-rod, pump and hydraulic system control unit.
An heating system for the fluid is activated when the temperature is below 5°C. In addition to the main piston-rod, two additional piston rods have been included to lift vertically the telescopic tower, in fully retracted position. The telescopic tower features a guying system with steel cables, fastened at the edges of the stabilizing arms and tensioned through a pulley system.
At the tower base, three steel arms ensure stability also in case of strong winds. The arms are disposed at angles of 120°, with tips on a circumference of 5m of radius. A system of hinges allows them to be folded and stored on the trailer when not operational.
The mast is equipped with 24 Vdc signaling lights. Power for frame deployment is externally provided, through a 24Vdc power supply. The trailer can be optionally equipped with power systems, based on batteries and/or PV solar panels.
The system is air-transportable (certified for loading on C130 aircraft) and is equipped with lifting lugs that allow, further than loading and un-loading operations, also helicopter transportation of the equipment.

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