Program: Mirach 100-5

Customer: Selex ES
Product: N. 1 - Drone Launch Ramp

Mirach 100/5 is the standard high-performance reusable, multi-threat target, designed and manufactured by SELEX Galileo. In use with worldwide Armed Forces to train and qualify major Weapon Systems, Mirach 100/5 delivers reliability and maneuverability, making it the best state-of-the-art, multi-role, target drone system on the market.

Teknel designed, manufactured and tested the Drone Launch Ramp meeting the following technical specifications:


  • Length 4.07 m
  • Wingspan 2.30 m
  • Height 0.89 m
  • Fuselage diameter 0.40 m
  • MTOW 330 Kg

Performances (ISA conditions)

  • Endurance 90′
  • Max speed mach 0.85
  • Max altitude 12.500 m
  • Load factor instantaneous: 8 g; Sustained: 6 g
  • Max payload > 6 Kg


  • Active and passive RCS augmenters
  • IR augmenters
  • IR and chaff dispenser (IRCM/A and IRCM/M)
  • 2 Towed body systems (IR, active/passive RF Tow targets
  • 2 Air lauched autonomus expendable sub-targest (Locusta)
  • Missile seeker head simulators (eg. AN DPT-1)
  • Mirach 100/5 – Integrated aerial target system

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