Program: SICCA3

Customer: Portuguese Ministry of Defence
Product: Fire Detection Center and Tactical Operations Center

Teknel’s Tactical Operation Centers are sheltered, transportable, command and communications facilities. It’s aim is to provide necessary equipment to plan, direct and monitor military operations and tactical air control operations in order to manage air space.

The whole system is part of an automated computer based information system operating in a specified environment performing tasks such as aircraft surveillance, flight follow, control and communication functions.

Fire Detection Center and Tactical Operation CenterThe shelter is modularized and deployable in harsh environments thanks to its thermal insulation; it is EMC – EMI shielded as well. The structure can withstand heavy rain and it is tested for immersion in water up to 80 cm from its base thanks to its auto-leveling system, wirelessly deployable. A telescopic mast is also provided for communication purposes. All monitors comply with MIL-STD 810F and mobility/ergonomic MIL-STD 1472F.

Air transportability and ground transportability aren’t an issue thus insuring one of a TOC’s most important feaures: mobility.

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