Program: Falco JOR

Customer: Selex ES
Product: N. 2 - Self-Erecting Trellis Trailer Mounted

A self-erecting trellis is essential for UAV communication with ground control hence we provide such equipment according to client specifications. These towers can be transported by truck on a trailer or in a container ISO 20 (1C). Two systems fit in one ISO-STD 20 ft. air transport container.

The height of the tower is at least 12 m guaranteeing efficient communication thanks to it’s rotating capabilities which allow it to rotate +/- 180° an antenna weighing up to 130 kg and withstanding winds up to 120 km/h

Telescopic-Mast-6-370x239The motor for the antenna is properly shielded from dust and sand for deployment in dusty or sandy environments.The whole system can be fully deployed by two people in less than an hour.
Trailer and antenna are both galvanized.

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