Air Traffic Control

Teknel is a Leader in Integrated Air Traffic Control (ATC) and ground-based Navigation Aids Solutions. We provide system design, integration, installation, training, maintenance services and turnkey solutions for civil and military aviation organizations worldwide.
We provide technical and consulting services with expertise in the following areas:
Navigation Aids:
  • ATC System Integration
  • Air Traffic Control Tower Systems (transportable and mobile configurations)
  • Custom Mobile Systems
  • ATC facility shelters and workstations Teknel designs and manufactures ATC facility shelters with workstations, living quarters, washrooms, mobile communication workshops and NavAids shelters.
  • Design and Consulting Services Teknel designs to suit any technical needs in addition those involving landscaping, indigenous considerations and aesthetic preferences.
  • Energy Systems
Mobile Towers: Our mobile tower systems have the proven ability to operate under extreme environmental conditions with high reliability and flexibility. We design, procure, integrate and install according to your requirements. Military airstrips / Tactical operations / Remote airstrips / Rapid deployment for emergencies / Temporary replacement for fixed ATC facilities / Natural disaster relief operations / Training exercises / Runway supervisory operations. Transportable Towers: Transportable Towers are a cost effective alternative to mobile and fixed ATC systems. Perfect for small airports, standby ATC facilities and training, the transportable cabin can be mounted on a modified ISO standard 20 ft. shelter. The system can be transported by road, flatbed truck, trailer, train or aircraft. Upper Level insulated ATC Cabin to house equipment including:
  • Controller consoles
  • Air conditioning units.
Lower Level insulated facility shelter to accommodate storage and living area including:
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Sleeping cots
  • Electric toilet
  • (Additional accessories available).
Power Solutions: Teknel provides industrial grade power solutions for all your needs. Mains connections and substations / Permanent, standby and transportable power generation solutions / Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) / Batteries and chargers / Solar systems / Communications backup systems  / Remote control and monitoring. The quality and durability of Teknel systems speak for themselves. We conduct all Engineering, design, manufacturing, logistic and service activities in accordance with ISO standards. We perform source, incoming and in-process mechanical and electronic inspection of vendor and sub-contracted equipment. After-sales support activities include the provision of spare parts and documentation, factory and on-site training, as well as long-term maintenance and technical support. Teknel field teams are experienced in installing and commissioning systems all over the world.