Civil sector


Half a century of experience gained in the military field led us to think that we also want to engage in creative and technical production at the same time. We want to satisfy the new needs of modularity, transportability of commercial activities and of those who want to experience spaces with a new philosophy This is where the TEKNEL Civil sector section was born. We build or recover containers and modify them to use them as housing modules, bar modules, restaurant modules or anything else you want to allocate inside a container. We use first choice materials, we are particularly attentive to the insulation of our modules in order to give the final customer total comfort when living in our containers. We always deal with those who ask us for an offer with the intention of then creating a product that exceeds the expectations of our customers. The Teknel Civil sector is made up of technicians specialized in the various working phases, led by two workshop managers. The commercial and technical mind of this sector is our CEO assisted by all the planning and design staff.

The container modules are easy to transport on trucks and provided with special corner blocks that allow ease of unloading.

The standard dimensions of the containers are 10 feet, 20 feet and 40 feet respectively of length 3, 6 and 12 meters for a standard width of 2.5 meters, while the height can vary from 2.40 for normal modules up to to 2.90 for Higt Cube containers. According to the needs, the containers can be used individually or coupled and overlapped to form extremely attractive structures both from the point of view of spaces and from an architectural and design point of view.

In addition to the certain costs in building a container module because the price is set in advance and the construction is carried out in a controlled factory, one of the advantages of the container modules is that the design, delivery and installation times are considerably shorter than those of inhabited areas. traditional.

The ductility of containers allows us to create special design solutions, which makes our modules unique and personalized objects

Among the advantages, the stability of the structure and the safety deriving from the materials used must also be considered (remember that the container is traditionally used to contain goods during large and long routes on ships and therefore designed and built to withstand enormous stresses and atmospheric agents. extremes.

Also in Italy, the container house is a viable solution. However, there is no special regulation for this type of solution. In general, if the module remains completely removable it does not require special permits, unlike it is necessary to have permits like traditional building.

You can choose to buy a home container and use it for non-residential use, for example as a tool shed or warehouse or technical room.

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