Company Profile


Teknel remains focused on its mission to provide each customer with a single source for systems, products and services resulting in solutions which are cost effective, quick to market and inherent in quality.

The mission is also indeed to enlarge the capability of market penetration through strategic partnerships worldwide.
Our Company’s Organization assures advanced skills thanks to its experience in the fields of Oil & Gas, Power, Defence, Aerospace and Air Traffic Control.

Systems & Solutions

Teknel owes its leadership to a comprehensive Know How, an extensive Heritage and multiple Worldwide Strategic Partnerships.

Teknel offers a “turn-key” solution, that includes conceptualization, business development, engineering, project management, manufacturing, test, and after sale support. The company’s capabilities range from the support of basic product designs to full management of a prime contract. Teknel offers a full range of services to support mobile electronic systems. Its expertise allows us to provide rugged technical solutions, resulting in quality systems that work as intended and stand up to harsh conditions when deployed.


Teknel offers a complete line of Oil & Gas Control Cabins & Shelter Systems and Solutions including a complete set of enclosures. The platforms are designed to allow the integration of electrical & electronic equipment and can be deployed on trucks or trailers. Complete modification services are available. Teknel Oil & Gas shelter solutions have been developed to endure extreme climatic conditions, providing an efficient and reliable shelter for men and equipment. Such systems are utilized by the biggest multinational companies who install them in very hostile environments such as deserts, ocean platforms and arctic plants.


Teknel offers a comprehensive MIL-STD product line including Ground Control Stations for UAV, Command and Control Shelter Systems, Logistic Shelters, Trailers and Power Generator Systems, Air Conditioning Systems and associated equipments.


Teknel offers a wide range of Aerospace Systems & Solutions, from Satellite Transport Containers to MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipments) for Spacecraft Assembly, Integration & Test. All of Teknel's Aerospace systems and products underwent extensive and thorough test phases with documented evidence of their robustness and reliability.


Teknel specializes in Integrated Air Traffic Control (ATC) and ground-based solutions. We provide system design, integration, installation, training, maintenance services and turnkey solutions for civil and military aviation organizations worldwide.


Teknel has been a leader in the manufacturing of high-tech Power Generator Sets since 1973. Born with an aim to design and manufacture high-tech equipment, Teknel began operating in the field of satellite telecommunication systems, designing and manufacturing large satellite dishes focusing on civil and military telecommunications.

Quality Management System

Teknel’s QMS (Quality Management System) aims to reduce and eventually eliminate non conformance to specifications, standards and customer expectations in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Teknel systems and solutions have been subjected to extensive test phases, both simulated and under real conditions, with documented evidence of their robustness and reliability.


The Company is certified according to:

Tests from indipendent organizations guarantee Teknel's advanced capabilities.

Teknel’s Integrated Systems & Solutions comply with the following INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS:

> ASTM 1925-99> MIL STD 810> 6516 SHCPE 86 ACE
> 6516 SHCPE 86 ACE> MIL STD 907> MIL STD 907
> MIL STD 907> MIL STD 1472> MIL STD 461 and 462
> MIL STD 285> MIL STD 889> AECTP 250 and 500

Teknel is a Nato supplier – NCAGE A4444