Teknel offers a full range of services to support mobile systems & solutions.

Teknel’s expertise provides robust technical solutions which result in high quality systems that work as intended and stand up to harsh conditions when deployed. Our company’s capabilities range from the support of basic product designs to the full management of a prime contract. 

Teknel also maintains an extensive library and database of analyses, designs and documentation, all of which have been compiled in its 40 years of support associated with the deployment of sophisticated electronics. Teknel implements a value added approach towards customer support: a comprehensive technical data collection accompanies each product as it’s being sold.

An extensive database is maintained that includes specifications, test documentation, analyses, white papers, and computer models. We maintain various three dimensional finite element models (3D FEM) allowing us to analyze dynamic and static properties of mobile platforms.

Teknel supports the Oil & Gas, Power, Electronics, Defense, Communications, and C³I community with services and tools to effectively assess durability, reliability and survivability of systems in extreme harsh environments.

Our approach to understanding the impact of system requirements on the integrity and performance of mechanical and electronic systems allows for efficient and effective product development cycles.
Our combined resources provide a detailed understanding of methods for structural, vibration and shock, blast, thermal, and acoustic analysis. We can perform these analyses for you, or transfer the methods and tools to your staff for their use. With each product, Teknel compiles detailed mechanical and electrical drawings to document the building phases of a system.

These drawings include, but are not limited to:

  • Design layouts
  • Specification control
  • Interface control
  • Manufacturing drawings
Design & Development

Project development with flexible and cooperative approach for assure a customize product and effective technical solutions.

Structural analysis

Rating of durability, reliability, and survivability of systems in extreme harsh environments. Impact assessment of standard requirements on the mechanical and electronic systems.

Thermal analysis

Teknel has developed a proprietary model used for the analytic reviewing of induced heat gains and losses associated with an enclosure. Such model determines heating and cooling loads for ground based electronic enclosures including trailers, shelters and vans.

Transportability analysis

An item of equipment is of little value if it cannot be transported efficiently to where it is needed. On such basis Teknel carries out a transportability analysis (by land, sea and air means of transportation) in accordance with the requested design.


During the planning phase Teknel produces a detailed digital model of the product and it can predict shape, behavior and costs, more quickly and efficiently by economic means than a real model. The master model allows to produce changes, develop the product and edit its design to make the result closest to the expectations and reduce the time-to-market.


Teknel has an extensive database of successful projects. Such database is available to customers and is constantly updated with detailed prohect documentation regarding: Product Specifications, Acceptance Test Procedures, Analysis Packages, Drawing Packages, Aircraft Flight Certification Packages, Technical Manuals.


Complex communications systems require carefully planned integration, in which the individual components are properly selected and functional within the overall system.


Each product undergoes thorough testing so to be free of defects and capable of performing to its highest standard for which it was designed. Teknel works with two partners, expert in high-tech testing ranging from survivability tests to environmental tests.