Oil, Gas & Power

Teknel offers a complete line of Oil & Gas shelter systems and solutions including a complete line of enclosures.

The platforms are designed to allow the integration of electrical & electronic equipment and can be deployed on a trailer or trucks. Complete modification services are available. Teknel’s Oil & Gas shelter systems & solutions are also customizable and air-transportable.

Our Oil & Gas shelter solutions have been developed to endure extreme climatic conditions, providing an efficient and reliable shelter for men and equipment. Such systems are utilized by the biggest multinational companies who install them in very hostile environments such as deserts, ocean platforms and arctic plants.

Shelter certifications include GOST, GOSTK, ATEX, SOLAS and all shelters comply with international standards (ISO).

Oil & Gas shelter solutions, as aforementioned, include:

Arctic Shelters:

OEM, monitoring and control shelters (pipe-line, TLC, weather and environmental studies) and power systems for arctic environments, manned or unmanned. These are equipped with the most modern remote management systems, supplied with an automatic emergency system when required. Teknel’s shelters are the ideal solution for remote diagnostic applications, such as along oil and gas ducts. Made of aluminum alloy or composite materials, they are designed to ensure total insulation from the outer environment. For instance, our arctic shelters can guarantee the full-time operation of the internal equipment with external temperatures ranging from -45°C to +45°C, thanks to an environment conditioning system specifically designed to operate under extreme conditions. All integrated equipment and shelters are certified in accordance with GOST, GOSTK and all international standards.

On-shore and off-shore shelters:

In accordance with the strictest regulations from the main international organizations of maritime certifications (RINA-DNv-lyOID-RmRS and equivalents), Teknel manufactures shelters for installation on off-shore platforms and naval use.
Off-shore containers ensure long life and protection for the equipment installed within, even in the most critical environmental conditions, resisting even saline fog, ensuring optimal resistance against corrosion.
On-shore shelters offer passive conditioning with phase shift materials for unmanned installations as well. Designed to ensure the maintenance of a certain temperature in environments with a wide range of temperature, passive shelters can dissipate heat from a restricted area that is insulated from the outside, without using up additional energy. This takes place considering both the internal environmental conditions, which must be ensured, and the external environmental conditions to which the shelter is subject.
Passive shelters use a special material which can change its own state during heat absorption, in order to supply an absorption up to 75% higher than water. The LHS system (Latent Heat Storage technology) is therefore more compact, granting high performances in terms of the internal temperature that can be achieved as well as of the amount of heat that can be dissipated. A passive conditioning system with phase change, suitably dimensioned, is extremely reliable and can last for more than 20 years, with minimum maintenance requirements. Passive conditioning shelters can be used in deserts and in other remote areas with a high temperature excursion throughout the day and night.

Pipe-line, TLC, weather and environmental solutions:

Teknel designs and integrates substations for the installation of medium and low-voltage switchboards and transformers. Substations are large cabin structures turned into areas for the installation of medium and low-voltage switchboards or house transformers or pumps. Substations can be used in both safe and hazardous areas, according to ATEX international standards and fire resistance requirements up to class REI 120. All shelters include optional fire fighting systems with detection of hazard gases, certified air circulation systems and safety systems such as certified automatic dampers. Teknel can supply large substations as single units, fully integrated and tested or modular control cabins, analysis cabins and power centers according to client specifications. Normally used in the oil and petrochemical sectors, for telemetry and control systems, MCC stations, analysis cabins or OEM applications, these can also be manufactured with fire resistance up to class A120, with SOLAS-certified doors. Cabin structures can be manufactured complete with systems, tested and certified also according to EMI-RFL regulations.

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