Power Generators

Teknel has been a leader in the manufacturing of high-tech Power Generator Sets since 1973. Born with an aim to design and manufacture high-tech equipment, Teknel began operating in the field of satellite telecommunication systems, designing and manufacturing large satellite dishes focusing on civil and military telecommunications.

Over the years, the department has enhanced production of integrated energy systems and generators for telecommunications, civil, military and industrial applications. Up to now, Teknel offers an integrated turnkey or full-leasing of its products, including installation and rental formulas ranging from sales to rental assistance 24 hours a day and total management of the energetic provision  service.

The features of this company are therefore beyond a simple production, allowing customers to take advantage of a structure that provides the sale and management of energy systems, both economic and technical, to the provision of services (maintenance and rental), ensuring high reliability of all its products over the years.

Our Power Generators range from 10 kVA to 3000 kVA and are available in open, sheltered and soundproof configurations according to the needs of the customer.

Our manufacturing facility is capable of providing the following activities:

In-house component manufacturing / High quality control of manufactured parts / Assembly / Internal testing with a climatic chamber simulating temperatures from -46° C to +60° C / After-sales service 24 hours a day / Renting / Management of recovered materials in compliance with current laws.

Specifically, where the use of the group is bound to low noise values, Teknel has designed, developed and implemented super-soundproof systems guaranteeing 52 dB (A) at 7 meters which no other company on the market can provide for similar equipment. The technical structure for the maintenance and rental of generators consists of highly qualified personnel in electro mechanics. For over 20 years our employees performed maintenance and repair of generators worldwide, on behalf of the largest telecommunications companies.

Power Generating units may be employed for two types of main services:

  • Continuous supply power generating units: they are utilized for electric energy production where the public electric power lines are inexistent or where the user has decided to directly produce electric power necessary for its own needs and to harness the heat produced by the power plant;
  • Emergency Power Generating units: utilized to intervene in meeting casual power supply interruptions that may occur through distribution power lines and when such interruptions may cause severe inconveniences for people or materials and financial damages (hospitals, continuous cycle industrial plants, etc.).

Depending on either of these configurations, the power generating unit will assume various specifications, especially regarding the operating of the command and control main board and, in the second case, necessarily of an automatic type.

The element size, important in choosing a power generating unit, is the wattage rating: it is expressed in kVA and, the relative numerical value, reported on the plate, represents the maximum wattage rating that the equipment may supply at environmental conditions of reference.

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