Program: GCS UAV MPA-1 Demo

Customer: Selex ES

Product: UAV Shelter Systems

  • GCS – Ground Control Stations
  • GDT – Ground Data Terminals
  • UAV Transport Shelters

We developed the UAV Ground Control Station Shelter Systems to defend the core of the Falco and P-180 MPA unmanned aircraft systems.Today, its use is expanding to other UAS platforms, including the UAE Army’s extended range/multi-purpose (ER/MP) systems. Protected in a climate-controlled ISO-STD 20 ft. IAF shelter and mounted on a standard Army medium tactical vehicle, the ER/MP GCS receives and disseminates battlefield video and situational awareness data through state-of-the-art operator consoles.These consoles can be used for aircraft command and control, payload control and weapons launch.

These shelters are designed to incorporate the latest technologies which make them leading products in the GCS industry.In addition to special shelter systems, Teknel designs all the internal equipment, offering our customers turnkey solutions. We can install electric, control and communication equipment and also consoles complete with a guidance system which displays the field. These shelters are air-transportable, equipped with remotely controlled self-loading systems, hydraulic self-leveling systems and screening systems conforming to EMI standards.

Our experience and the high level of quality and services we offer has led to Teknel being preferred as the main partner for major international companies working in the military and defence sectors.