Teknel manufactures automatic leveling systems for shelters and ISO compatible enclosures thus facilitating unloading of a unit from a truck and setting it up on the area of deployment. Our leveling systems are reliable and proven to work after years of inactivity. They can be operated easily by means of two men and no special tools are needed for these devices to be lifted where needed.

The hoisting elements in combination with the shelter configuration form a very stable and robust construction. The large support plates allow the use of the device outdoors as well as on uneven floors. It is used normally by two lifting elements, controlled simultaneously by a connection shaft. Additionally, each element can be operated individually for Shelter leveling .

The lifting devices are removable and fit easily.

The System can be controlled with its bundled remotesone wired and one wireless.

The System is compatible with both ATC and Defense Solutions allowing automatic on-loading and off-loading from C-130 compatible